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applies the most simple radio signal strength indication on the basis of rough RSSI power level measurement.       
works ultimatively cheap on the basis of instable and weak RSSI power level guessing.       
RSSI is sufficient for all needs of radial distances at work positions.        
achieves a room discrimination and a distinct discrimination of single work positions.        
is not suited for multi dimensional scaling. Hence other systems approaches are required for such concepts.        


defines the contiguity of any equipped location by the reach of BlueTooth® low energy transmitters.        
automatically detects the approaching of an individual to a work position.        
discriminates the direction of viewing of a user towards or off a screen or with the handles of a work position.       
discriminates the orientation of a user to the screen or the handles of a work position.        
automatically detects the departing of an individual from the contiguity of a work position.        
detects all tagged objects in the contiguity of a work position.       
infers the results of RSSI technologies with comprehensive inference assessment on information at a location.        
logging-in is automated and logging–out is safely enforced. No person with a token will attend a work position without recognition.        
supports all requirements of time recording at work positions.        
token offers an inherent safety alarm button for each bearer of a token.        
token facultatively includes a push button and a LED for feedback on set alarm.        
token with primary battery is ready for months of operation.        
token with secondary battery gets charged between two shifts to stay ready for weeks of operation.        
may equip all valuable assets and all types of transportation aids with tokens.        
equips an active and networked work position with a BlueTooth® low energy gateway.        
requires for networked work positions just one Bluetooth® Screentenna at work position monitor.        
may be used for all mobile units that are capable for BlueTooth® communications.        
fully serves and requires no additional with handheld screens of PDA or tablet type with integrated BlueTooth® interface.        
operates at distances from zero to several meters to work position with Bluetooth® Screentenna.        
equips all types of handheld scanners with low energy transponders that enable fuzzy locating at each trigger event and/or on motion.        
resident transponders must be networked with LAN. WLAN, FDDI or according to any proprietary concept accessing the Intranet.        
discriminates between a set of work positions with one additional room transponder.        
equips choke points with a pair of gate transponders.        
makes use of USB connected BlueTooth® Screentenna with fuse protected cable and automatic recognition through operating system.        

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